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Mono-a-Mono (2008)

eclectic garage-root-based rock

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Joe Bace


Joe Bace hails from West New York, New Jersey (yes it’s directly across the Hudson River from NYC) Joe is an accomplished singer-songwriter with firm roots in the NYC rock music scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Fronting various rock bands, Joe Bace played a hundred or so times at the famed CBGBs rock club in NYC’s Lower East Side where they played on the same bill with acts such as They Might be Giants, Raging Slab, Masters of Reality, Crossfire Choir, Johnny Thunders and many others. While fronting “The Privates”, a pop-punk quartet, Joe and the band were the “house band” at Great Gildersleeves (another infamous NYC rock club) where they opened for acts such as Bush Tetras, Eric Johnson, Joe Perry as well as headlined often (were featured on the “Best of Great Gildersleeves” LP the club released). Another NYC rock club located uptown in NYC, Trax (frequented by rock’s elite at the time [i.e. Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend et al] had The Privates play there frequently. The band got lots of press at the time, were featured in national publications such as Billboard and Variety as well as local music papers like The Village Voice. The band became a trio, The Hellbenders, and piqued the interest of Terry Magovern (Bruce Springsteen’s long-time personal assistant, a great person who is missed by all who knew him. Terry passed away last year) who helped out the band by landing them gigs at the Jersey Shore and the NY metro area. The first time Terry saw Joe perform with the band, when asked what he thought Terry responded “very good”. Those who knew Terry would know that to be the highest of compliments that came from this "gentle giant” of the rock world. Fast-forward to 2008. After a music career hiatus, Joe Bace is now an accomplished “Green” Architect living, working and now back in the saddle again, writing and playing music with his Gibson Swamp Ash (certified, environment-friendly wood of course) Takamine acoustics, Kurzweil and harmonica in the Carolinas. Joe's tween daughter, Georgia, is an amazing talent. Her vocals, viola, piano, support and energy-techno assistance are frighteningly mature. He'll have to get her a tutor when they go out on the road.

Joe Bace - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica, percussion and drum machine. Georgia Bace - vocals, viola, piano, tween energy and techno wizardry



Completed Albums


eclectic garage-root-based rock

Loving Me
Right On
If I Stand by My Decision
She Only Needs Love
In the Name of My Father
Drivin' in My Baby's Car
Rock & Roll's a Waste of Time
Made in America
Lead On
The End is Near